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Seller Tips

Seller Tips

What Sells Your Home?

          Location    Price    Condition    Style/Floor Plan/Amenities    Your Agent 

You have control over most of these.  I’ll employ my professional knowledge and experience, working hand in hand with you, to maximize your advantage in the market place so as to ensure the timely sale of your home.


Setting the Price

Higher Price = Fewer Buyers = More Time on the Market

Lower Price = More Buyers = Less Time on the Market


The price is the first thing potential buyers notice about your home.  It is used in almost all searches and will have a direct effect on who views your home.  I am in the market every day and, as a result, have a good knowledge base and perspective on determining the value of your home.  I will develop for you a Comparative Market Analysis and provide education on the pricing process, all to assist you as you set the sales price for your home.


Making a Good First Impression

It is true, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.  Use my expertise to see your home as a house, through the eyes of a buyer.  I’ll help you with ideas on exterior curb appeal, interior staging and potential repairs or changes that may improve your chances to sell timely and for more money.    Your home must be and look ready to be sold if you are going to succeed with your goals.   I am a great referral source for all types of home service providers as well as home inspectors.  I’ll discuss the advantages of having a home inspection during our listing appointment.


Have a Plan

Know why you are selling.  This will have an effect on pricing and home preparation.  I’ll assist you with all the details, deadlines and resources needed.


Know the Process

This is where a good and qualified agent comes in.  Selling a home has many stressful moments.  It is best to know what is coming before you get there.  I work to minimize your stress by coordinating the complete process.  I’ll communicate the transaction details with you and utilize my negotiation skills on your behalf, seeking to make sure your goals are achieved.   I’ll assist you when considering offers, making sure the price AND terms work best for you.