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Lender Referrals


Interest rates may vary slightly between lenders.  Be sure you are comparing equal products.  Loan evaluation is a complex business.  No one factor should determine which loan or lender is best.  Points, loan fees, rate lock cost and hidden fees all make a difference in the “real” interest rate.

Here are a few mortgage brokers that I have held in high regard and have referred clients to over the years.

  • Toni Dassance- American Dream Home Mortg.   503-851-3627
  • Pam Berns – Rock River Financial                     503-798-8474           pberns@RockRiverinc.com
  • Judy Woods Academy Mortgage                       503-569-3361            judy.woods@academymortgage.com
  • Jeannine Marshall- Home Street Bank            503-588-2200           jeannine.Marshall@homestreetbank.com
  • Bob Broyles- PDX Mortgage LLC                       503-329-1709            bbroyles44@gmail.com
  • Nicole Kenny   Willamette Valley Bank           503-586-0225           www.wvbk.com/nicholekenny
  • Matt Tolbert Sterling Bank                                   503-726-3861            Matt.Tolbert@bankwithsterling.com
  • Travis Newton         Eng Lending                         503-931-4490            travisapproves@gmail.com


The final choice of any loan officer rests solely with the purchaser.  Purchaser is free to select any lender they wish.  Broker in no way warrants the work of any loan officer or company.  Neither broker nor agents receive any consideration from any lender for referrals.

lender for referrals.