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Home Inspector Referrals


A professional home inspector looks at the whole house for structural and cosmetic defects. He is not looking to evaluate the “value” of the house ­like an appraiser. A professional home inspector is the best buy around. If the lay of the land or the condition of the house raise questions in your mind, an expert opinion can often support or lay to rest your concerns. Also, there can be problems in which the seller is not aware. A home in­spector works for you! The cost of most professional home inspections of­ten depends on the size and location of the property. A professional home inspection is highly recommended!!

Here are a few home inspection companies that I have held in high regard and have referred clients to in the past.

Home Inspection Services

  • Amerispec – Terry Wilder, 503-371-9725
  • House to Home- Mark Northrup  503-602-1420   www.perfectioninspectioninc.com
  • Perfection Inspection Inc. Jim Allhiser– 503-508-4231  www.house2homellc.org
  • Inspection Unlimited- David Shepard   503-581-5855   http://www.inspectionsunlimited.com/

Please refer to the Oregon Property Buyer Advisory when considering additional property inspection options.

The final choice of any inspector rests solely with the purchaser.

Purchaser is free to select any inspector they wish.

Broker in no way warrants the work of any home inspector.

Neither broker nor agent receives consideration from any inspector for referrals.